"thrombosis"[MeSH Terms] AND (university of vermont[Affiliation] "thrombosis"[MeSH Terms] AND (Duke university[Affiliation] OR Mayo clinic [Affiliation] OR university of california san francisco[Affiliation] OR university of pennsylvania[Affiliation] OR yale university[Affiliation] OR university of pittsburgh[Affiliation] OR university of rochester[Affiliation] OR Columbia University[Affiliation]) AND ((Diagnosis AND genetics) OR (Differential Diagnosis[MeSH] OR Differential Diagnosis[Text Word] AND genetics) OR (Natural History OR Mortality OR Phenotype OR Prevalence OR Penetrance AND genetics) OR (therapy[Subheading] OR treatment[Text Word] OR treatment outcome OR investigational therapies AND genetics) OR (Genetic Counseling OR Inheritance pattern AND genetics) OR (Medical Genetics OR genotype OR genetics[Subheading] AND genetics) OR (DNA Mutational Analysis OR Laboratory techniques and procedures OR Genetic Markers OR diagnosis OR testing OR test OR screening OR mutagenicity tests OR genetic techniques OR molecular diagnostic techniques AND genetics))
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